Fridays Boracay Filipino Promo

Fridays Boracay Filipino Promo

Fridays Promo fro Filipinos and Baikbyans

Fridays Boracay Resort Special Promo for Filipino Citizens is being offered through TravelOnline. The Fridays Promo is for Filipinos, however, if you have a foreigner guest he or she can avail the discount as long as the Filipino Citizen books the room in their name and is actually present upon check in.

Fridays Boracay Resort is a AAA boracay Resort located on the boracay Beach Front at Boat Station 1 which is considered the most prime area in Boracay.  Complete discounted boracay Packages are available.

See Special Now: Fridays Boracay Filipino Promo

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Sur Boracay Resort Facility Video

Sur Boracay Resort

Boracay Beach Front Resort, Philippines

Sur Boracay Resort Video Description: If you want to have your tropical island vacation in a resort with heart, one that cares for the environment as much as it does for its guests, then Sur Boracay is the prime Philippines destination. This resort in Boracay practices eco-tourism as part of its management philosophy. Ensuring that the richness of the island will be there for generations to come!

Sur Boracay Resort, Boracay Island, Philippines

sur boracay

Sur boracay Resort, Philippines

Open since December of 2005, Sur Boracay Beach Resort in one of the most beautiful vacation spots in the country has enjoyed magnanimous praise from local and international visitors and guests alike. From the tranquil environment, soothing setting, amazing room interiors and fashionably designed accommodations and the warm smiles that are accompanied with the best services.


Want to read more and see Sur Boracay Resort Facility Video

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Boracay Sunsets

Sunsets on Boracay Beach

Incredible array of colors daily

boracay sunsets

Boracay Beach Philippines

Boracay Philippines Sunset : This is basic description of a typically sunset on Boracay Island which is one of the features of this island tropical paradise that has made it famous worldwide. As dusk comes on this little slice of heaven in one of the many tropical island destinations of the Philippine archipelago, hues of red, orange and amber glow in the sky as it awaits the sun’s repose. Beach combers and tourists flock to the white powdery sands of the beach and sit and talk while enjoying the last rays of the sun.

Read More Boracay Sunsets

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Boracay Beach Live

Boracay Beach Philippines

Live 24 Hours A Day

boracay beach philippines, boracay beach live, boracay girls, boracay weather

Boracay Beach Philippines

Boracay Beach Philippines has gone live December 25, 2010 give viewers a 12 mega – pixal look at boracay beach streaming live. Onlookers can see the beach during the day in front of the Famous Red Coconut Boracay Resort and at night the camera is pointing to Cococ Bar which is located right on the Boracay beach walk in front of above mentioned Boracay Resort.

Viewers can now checkout the beach, see their friends wave at a certain time or just check out the Boracay weather. Travelonline – Philippines Local Travel Agency is the owner of this Boracay project with camera product from EarthCams, site location provided by Red Coconut Resort and the internet lines that powers the camera by Kalibo Cable (Local Boracay Internet Provider and Cable TV.

See Boracay Beach Live Now!

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New Airport in Boracay


When flying into Boracay most people got to the Caticlan Airport that can only handle about 60 seater aircraft due to runway length. When you land in Caticlan the standard route is bus to boat jetty, banka boat for 15 mins. to Boracay Island Boat Jetty. The new airport will be located at Carabao island which is about 15 to 30 minutes to boracay beach, Boracay Island.

Carabao Island Airport, which is opening in 2010/11, will improve access to Boracay.
The 4.3-billion-peso (US$94.3 million) airport of Boracay Property Holdings will have an annual passenger throughput of one million and a 2,700m runway for Airbus 320 and 330 aircraft.
Boracay Property Holidays executive vice-president, Mr Mariano Araneta, said: “If prospects are good, we can expand the runway to 4,000m to accommodate bigger aircraft. But our initial runway  can already cater to flights from regional destinations.”
It will also develop a seaport and a tourism “ecozone” on Carabao island. The corporation owns the 80-hectare Boracay Ecovillage, where Shangri-La Resort & Spa Boracay is located. Carabao island is 15 minutes by ferry from Boracay’s Puka Beach.
Mr Araneta said detailed engineering specifications of the airport were being prepared and the project would break ground in October. It is looking to hire an international airport management company to run operations.
Airlines are awaiting the specifications of the new airport. Air Philippines flight technical group manager, Mr Jun Fajardo, said the airline would start a Manila-Caticlan route on December 15 with five daily flights using a 50-seat Bombardier Q300 aircraft.
Cebu Pacific director for marketing, Ms Candice Iyog, said her airline would consider flying to Carabao Island Airport in the future. Meanwhile, the airline is awaiting delivery schedules of its six confirmed and eight optional ATR 72-500 aircraft for Manila-Caticlan services next year.

What’s on Carabao Island?

Is there anything worth seeing?

Will it be the next Boracay?

Will boracay packages be cheaper?


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What is the best Boracay Resort? Why?

There are over 300 boracay resorts on the island of boracay. There are beach front boracay resorts, non beachfront resorts, private resorts and even boracay resorts on cliffs. It’s very difficult to choose just one resort as a favorite. I am just curious as a TravelOnline Agent to know what people think is the best resort in Boracay and why.
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Boracay Flights Promo 2000 All In – Amazing!!!

There is a special airfare to Boracay Island – PHP2000 All In
You have to be fast because its only good until August 5, 2008. The rules our you must pay immediatly upon reservation and it’s non refundable – non – everything. Your boracay travel dates must be between sept 1 and December 17, 2008. Cebu Pacific airlines and Asian Spirit airlines has the same promo. TravelOnline can help you with a complete boracay package that will work perfectly with this promo to over 300 plus boracay resorts.
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