Sur Boracay Resort Facility Video

Sur Boracay Resort

Boracay Beach Front Resort, Philippines

Sur Boracay Resort Video Description: If you want to have your tropical island vacation in a resort with heart, one that cares for the environment as much as it does for its guests, then Sur Boracay is the prime Philippines destination. This resort in Boracay practices eco-tourism as part of its management philosophy. Ensuring that the richness of the island will be there for generations to come!

Sur Boracay Resort, Boracay Island, Philippines

sur boracay

Sur boracay Resort, Philippines

Open since December of 2005, Sur Boracay Beach Resort in one of the most beautiful vacation spots in the country has enjoyed magnanimous praise from local and international visitors and guests alike. From the tranquil environment, soothing setting, amazing room interiors and fashionably designed accommodations and the warm smiles that are accompanied with the best services.


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